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Healing: Belonging in the In-Between


Short film screening exploring healing in the context of cultural identity and migration, followed by a conversation over food provided by Milk Cafe, curated by Theo Panagopoulos. 

Belonging in the In-Between

These films explore a very simple question: how can you feel whole if your own identity is fragmented? And is it necessary to feel whole in order to heal?

Contrasting five distinct experiences of cultural fragmentation, these stories from diverse contexts explore themes of migration, assimilation, othering, and reclamation, exploring how people can find space for healing as they belong in the in-between.

The screening takes place at The Deep End, an arts space developed by Govanhill Baths Community Trust, and will be followed by a conversation over food provided by Milk Cafe (included with all tickets). There will also be an introduction by curator Theo Panagopoulos and the director of Ululation, Carina Haouchine. 

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Featured Films

Ululation, Carina Haouchine, UK, 2018, 12m

Scottish filmmaker Carina Haouchine explores what it means to be between two cultures by talking with women in her Algerian family. She explores the feelings her identity creates by attempting to understand how gender and culture intersect in her own family.

In Between, Samir Karahoda, Kosovo, 2019, 13m

Director Samir Karahoda presents a meditative and empathetic portrait of a community in rural Kosovo where the families have been split due to economic necessity. Brothers and sons living abroad build identical houses to express equality and unity in the family.

I Signed the Petition, Mahdi Fleifel, UK / Germany / Switzerland, 2018, 10m

Director Mahdi Fleifel explores the unique feelings of being displaced as a Palestinian by presenting a conversation he had with a friend immediately after signing an online petition. He explores how a relatively mundane action of resistance can touch on the most vulnerable feelings of exile and powerlessness.

I don’t feel at home anywhere anymore, Viv Li, Belgium / China, 2020, 16m

Filmmaker Viv Li presents through a poignant and humorous visual diary her experience returning to visit her family in Beijing on Christmas while living abroad. She explores what it means to lose your roots and the discomfort that feeling might bring.

Zero-Zero, Eva Grace Bor, UK, 2019, 14m

Filmmaker Eva Grace Bor creates a unique testament of oral history within her family by investigating the effects of British colonialism in the context of current day Zimbabwe.

About the Programme

Healing has been curated by Theo Panagopoulos for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, as part of Film Hub Scotland’s New Promoters Scheme.

Almost two years since the world turned upside down, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on how we can make space for healing in uncertain times. These events open up a series of conversations around healing, exploring it as an individual and collective process, as well as a discourse that allows us to reimagine the world we live in.

These screenings aim to address mental health in a calm, reflective and explorative manner, creating accessible and trigger-sensitive experiences for audiences with lived experience of mental ill health. Find out more here.

Supported by Film Hub Scotland, part of the BFI’s Film Audience Network, and funded by Screen Scotland and Lottery funding from the BFI.

Banner Image: Ululation, dir. Carina Haouchine

Booking Information

The Deep End (Govanhill Baths Community Trust)

21 Nithsdale Street, Glasgow G41 2PZ

Sat 27th Nov
7PM - 9PM

Pay What You Can Tickets

£8 / £6 / £4 / £2 / FREE

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