Come along to this creative drop-in session, one of several taking place across Lanarkshire, and contribute to an art installation exploring issues related to mental health. 

Participants are invited to create a small windmill using waste materials, such as plastic bottles, and to add their own written message about mental health. Taking inspiration from installations such as the Himalayan Poppies in North Yorkshire, the completed windmills will be installed across different parts of Lanarkshire.  

The windmill symbolises revolution and moving forward, while the use of recycled materials shows that even when we think things are useless, they can be made purposeful again. Upon installation, the anonymous messages will be visible to viewers, helping to continue the conversation around mental health – showing anyone who may be struggling with their mental health that they are not alone and hopefully providing a boast to their well-being. 

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10.30am – 12.30pm & 1.30pm – 3.30pm, drop-in 
Low Parks Museum
129 Muir Street
Hamilton ML3 6BJ
Suitable for all ages and abilities