Catherine was burned. Mercy was left. Augustine was used. Celia was unsatisfied. Anne was quiet. 

In a small hall, five clinically “mad” women meet to perform a play for a seemingly “sane” audience. But is it a play? Or is it a warning? Worse still – is it an intervention? 

Hysterical is a free fall through a categorically inaccurate history of mad women. They just need to make sure they remember their lines and don’t tear each other’s hair out, and we’ll all be fine. 

Based on real women in real times, this host of hysterical harpies kick, scream and waltz their way into the modern day. But has much changed? Or are the structures that held them back still in place? 

A new play by koi collective, directed by Grace Baker and written by Sally MacAlister. 

Commissioned by Live Borders Arts & Creativity for the 2023 Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival. 

Melrose Corn Exchange
Market Square
Melrose TD6 9PN
14+ Includes mild language and adult themes