A Day in the Life - creative workshop

Join STAR Project for a creative workshop that will explore the theme of ‘Normality?’. Get crafty and create a personalised mood board that captures your unique experience of the past year. This workshop will reflect on the different ways of coping with change and will explore how we move forward to find a sense of ‘normal’.


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Challenge the Stigma

Join The Beacons and All in the Family to create a collaborative multimedia artwork.

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Clydesdale Community Initiatives: Music and Artworks

Volunteers and supporters of Clydesdale Community Initiatives present an exhibition of artwork and photography, with music from a harp group.

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Clydesdale Picture Gathering

Join Healthy Valleys for photography walks to capture the beauty of the everyday in Clydesdale.

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Connecting – Gathering – Belonging

Who Cares Scotland? invite young people aged 8-18 to design and create a visual montage to be displayed in the local office.

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Create and Connect: Gathered Inspiration

Bazooka Arts invite you to use visual arts, drama, creative writing and therapeutic movement to explore and respond to the nature environment.

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Creative Crafting

Try a different craft activity each week in these workshops led by an experienced tutor.

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Flowers Grow and Go

“Normality is a paved road, it’s comfortable to walk on but no flowers grow on it.”

- Vincent Van Gogh

Inspired by this quote, pots planted by volunteers with flowers and messages will be displayed on the pavement and given away to passers-by.

Volunteers from the Forgewood and Gowkthrapple communities will write the messages and plant bedding plants in pots to create a visual display of colour before giving them away.

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Gather Round! We Have Something to Say!

Sometimes our voices can struggle to be heard in a world where everyone has something to say.

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Gather Thigither

Fool On host this showcase of performances, supported by other mental health support groups in Cumbernauld.

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Get Together Adventure Day

Young tutors from Make and Create Arts lead a day of fun, creativity and adventure for young people aged 5-15.

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Inspiring Ceramics

Escape the worries of everyday life and immerse yourself in the possibilities of clay.

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Inspiring Positivity Adventure Day

Join us for a fun art and drama adventure day when we will be taking our experiences of lockdown and using them as our inspiration to create unique artwork and drama.

Getting involved with the arts can have powerful and lasting positive effects on mental health. With Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns taking a heavy toll on our young people this will be a fun and creative day where children and young people can get a taste of art and drama workshops, using their lockdown experiences to create unique art and drama.

The workshops will be led by young professionals from the art and theatre industry who are also tutors at Make and Create Arts. The focus of the day will be to use a different and fun way to express and talk about our emotions.

In the morning, the art workshop will give everyone the opportunity to create a unique piece of artwork to take home. And in the afternoon, the drama workshop will allow everyone to learn how to use their own experiences and work together to create a unique piece of theatre.

All materials will be provided, so just bring a packed lunch!

This event may change due to Covid-19 restrictions: If we are unable to meet face to face, the adventure day will take place online. Please check here for information closer to the date.

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Mindful Marks

An exhibition showcasing a 12-week creative project for carers and parents who look after people with additional support needs and may have disabilities themselves.

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Nurturing Young Families

HomeStart North Lanarkshire host these multimedia art workshops for mums aged under 25 with children aged under 5 in North Lanarkshire.

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On Your Doorstep

Gather to celebrate your local environment at these photography workshops.

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Our Space Together

Weekly arts and crafts workshops aimed at young people aged 8-16.

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Rain or Shine

Join artist Gregory Moore for a day of outdoor sketching in the bucolic landscape of Summerlee Museum of Industrial Heritage.

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ReUnite was created by young people aged 12-20 to explore mental health, isolation, restrictions, gathering and being kept apart.

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Route 21

Route 21 is a journey through time, places, memories and the imagination.

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Routes Back to Normality

A series of workshops, exhibitions and films sharing the aspects of everyday life essential in maintaining a sense of normality amidst uncertainty.

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Ruby Slippers and Rainbows

Join Theatre Tonic and Bazooka Arts for a performance workshop using scenes and themes from the Wizard of Oz.

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Slow Stitching, Sashiko Style

Join Healthy Valleys for a slow stitching workshop based on the Japanese art of Sashiko.

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SMHAF in Lanarkshire

Arts projects in Lanarkshire schools are being used to raise awareness of mental health issues and challenge stigmatising attitudes.

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Spring Into Hope: Gather

MADE4U IN ML2 have worked with local primary school children to create an art trail exploring the theme of Gather.

The trail takes you to see the artworks around the Greater Wishaw area. Pick up a route guide at the venue or online to join the trails.

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St Bell's Hospital Drama

St Bell’s hospital drama is the latest new play to be created by Theatre Tonic for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.  With their usual mix of comedy and drama they’ll have you in stitches one minute and on the edge of your seat with your pulse racing the next.   Come along and watch the mayhem as the overworked staff of the small cottage hospital struggle to cope with crazy budget cuts, next to no sleep and a haunted hospital .  The play has been created by therapeutic theatre group - Theatre Tonic East Kilbride with Bazooka Arts – both organisations are dedicated to promoting the therapeutic  benefits of making and watching theatre.

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The Journey

The Journey is an online workshop to experience the uplifting, therapeutic benefits of drama and creative writing.

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The Joy of Creating

Poet and artist Martin Stepek presents a talk on the positive emotions and states of mind that arise from being creative, including readings from his own work and a showcase of his visual artworks.

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The Making of Hamilton Rain

Join an onstage conversation between the people who co-wrote Hamilton Rain.

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Tips and Tricks for Normality

A positivity explosion in the ML2 area, presenting views and quotes from people young and old about how to keep well, balanced and mentally healthy. These will be displayed on local walking routes, and as an art piece at MADE4UINML2.

Community power and creativity is required from people of all ages – whether you live in the ML2 area or beyond – to craft the display. Designed to spark interest and conversation, the walks and the display will be available as a self-directed activity.

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True Colours

Getting Better Together host two expressive art workshops for children aged 8+ to promote positive mental health, giving community members an opportunity to create a collective artwork using graffiti and spray painting.

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Young at Heart

Aimed at older people, these weekly workshops will give participants the opportunity to gather and learn a variety of fun-filled dance exercises. Take the class at your own pace, supported by Young at Heart’s experienced tutors.

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