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SMHAF in Lanarkshire

Young People

Arts projects in Lanarkshire schools are being used to raise awareness of mental health issues and challenge stigmatising attitudes.

Arts experiences challenge young people’s sense of themselves in a very different way to formal education, providing different opportunities for young people to explore their identity, skills and abilities. As a consequence, young people report a sense of enjoyment and achievement in creating art. They also demonstrate greater levels of motivation, improved self-esteem, self-awareness, resilience and community engagement. Many evaluations of arts interventions document their effectiveness in re-engaging young people.

All high schools in Lanarkshire were approached and 11 will be taking part in the festival this year, hosting a range of events including drama, art, comic strip development, music and literacy. All participating schools will showcase their developments within the school environment to fellow pupils, staff, parents and the local community.

Schools across Lanarkshire

Fri 3rd - Sun 26th May
9AM - 5PM