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The Four Seasons of COVID: Life’s Triumph

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Overwhelmed by the invisible tsunami of Covid-19, our time is eaten up as we worry and wish for a return to normal life. Martin Stepek will share how he finds calm, even in times of crisis, by noticing the beauty around him.

Whatever situation we find ourselves in, life is still precious and beauty can be found anywhere by being mindful and paying attention.

In The Four Seasons of COVID: Life’s Triumph, Martin Stepek, one of Scotland’s most respected teachers of mindfulness, poet and published author, explores each of the seasons in turn and shares the beauty he sees in nature, poetry and literature which helps him find peace of mind.

Martin’s mindful journey through each of the four seasons which have passed under the cloud of COVID, will show you how to notice the beauty available in life, even in times of crisis, for your wellbeing now and in the future. Martin will uplift and inspire you as he guides you towards the calm he enjoys in his own life.


Mon 3rd - Sun 30th May
Access Online

View: Ten For Zen on YouTube, Ten For Zen Website

Price: FREE

Info: [email protected], 01698 681 431

Accessibility: Captions available