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Everyone’s Normal, Until You Get to Know Them

Storytelling Young People Writing Online

This primary school poetry competition will focus on P1-7 pupils’ understanding of ‘normality’. Poems will be produced as a booklet and showcased at an online reading and awards event.

MADE4UINML2 will work in partnership with local primary schools to allow children across the ML2 area to think about their experiences of normality and submit a poem around the topic. Submissions should be sent by email by Tue 11 May.

Poems will be showcased in a booklet and on social media, including the MADE4UINML2 Facebook page.

Awards will be presented in various categories, including most thoughtful poem and most creative poem, during an online premiere on Facebook Live, which will also feature readings of the poems.

Please email to enquire about the submission process or to submit work.


Thu 20th May
4PM - 5PM

ViewMADE4UINML2 on Facebook Live

Price: FREE

Info: [email protected], 01698 598 110