Lone parents and their children are invited to take part in two sessions that will foster creativity and create a space for peer support and discussion, empowering them to feel more connected to their community, their family and their own wellbeing.  

To slow down and appreciate what can be found around us, the first session will include a nature walk and collaborative craft session using materials found on the walk.  

For the second session, childcare will be provided so that parents can relax and take part in discussions that tackle the theme of revolution by exploring the language used to describe mental ill health. Participants will be invited to have honest conversations about their shared experiences and how being a lone parent can affect their mental health and wellbeing. 

Waterfront Café, Strathclyde Country Park
366 Hamilton Road
Motherwell ML1 3ED 
Lunch will be provided for both sessions.  
FREE (with lunch provided)

Book: monica.gallacher@opfs.org.uk, 07788 563 112

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