Join Julia James-Griffiths for an in-person Mind to Move class at St Columba’s Free Church in Edinburgh!

Mind to Move is a mindful movement practice devised and developed by Julia James-Griffiths. The practice focuses on supporting mental health and wellbeing needs through relaxation and movement; connecting the mind and body together to bring release.

This class will be 40 minutes long, and will begin seated with exercises in breathing, relaxation, and visualisation, before gently leading into guided movement improvisation, where participants are invited to leave their chairs. The class finishes with relaxation. Participants are invited to work with their eyes closed for most of the class to aid the visualisations and focus.

For those aged 18-65+. All levels are welcome, no dance experience is necessary.

Amazing experience

Incredibly relaxing

It helped me to tune into tensions in my body and release them

I felt more alive and in the moment

It helped me connect with myself. I feel like I released a lot of pressure and stress

Participant Feedback

10.30am - 11.10am
St Columba's Free Church
Johnston Terrace
Edinburgh EH1 2PW

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