Norman & Corrie are a musical duo dedicated to reimagining ancient melodies for the modern era. With a deep respect for the traditions of the past, they seek to bridge the gap between old and new, fusing the sounds of historic melodies and instruments with contemporary production techniques.

Their unconventional setup includes a drum kit, a saxophone, and the foot pedals from an organ, which they combine with their expert use of sound design to create an immersive and focused experience. Their performances are an absorbing journey, inviting listeners to step back in time and explore the slow, intentional pace of times long since past.

Through their use of drones, ancestral melodies, and field recordings, Norman & Corrie transport audiences to a world where simply looking out to the sea and being present is a gratifying form of entertainment. Their music is a celebration of tradition and innovation, actively resisting the pressure to constantly change and instead embracing the power of slow, intentional art.

“A storm of vigorous energy to match the westerlies blowing in off the north Atlantic.”

London Jazz News

Lyth Arts Centre
Wick KW1 4UD