This series of therapeutic art workshops will form part of weekly Recovery Cafes for people facing addiction in North Lanarkshire. People of all ages recovering from addiction are invited to use art to express their vision of how mental health should be understood and how they would like it to be treated.  

In these workshops – which will take place at four venues across North Lanarkshire – participants will draw and paint together on the theme of ‘Revolution’ in mental health. They will be supported to contribute to their own artworks, as well as to a larger communal artwork which will be created collaboratively by all participants across the four workshops. 

The workshops will be led by artist John Martin Fulton, a freelance practitioner with more than 10 years’ experience working in recovery and strong working links with North Lanarkshire Recovery Community. 

People outside of the group (those not in recovery) will also be invited to attend. This will help to remove barriers and create a shared understanding of mental health and how creativity can be beneficial for all.  

Please note that this event has been rescheduled. It was originally advertised as taking place on Friday 13 & 20 October.

6 October 2023-13 October 2023
Forgewood Community Centre
49 Dinmont Crescent
Motherwell ML1 3TT

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