This special event will showcase new artworks and music created by Carstairs Junction Adult Health & Wellbeing Group to celebrate moving towards positive change in all aspects of mental health.  

Participants will meet weekly in the months leading up the event to explore the word ‘revolution’ and what it means in relation to mental health. Each letter of the word will depict a different aspect of mental health – such as negative words, help and support available, and the cycle of mental health – and will be given a different decorative treatment to create an overall artwork with a powerful message.  

The group’s masks – the creative output from another art project – will also be on display. These masks will visually illustrate how people with poor mental health can sometimes hide this from others, something that can be especially true for those living in a small, rural area who can experience feelings of exclusion and isolation.     

The importance of music in reducing anxiety and stress will be explored when the group undertake music lessons and learn to play an instrument – showcasing their newfound skills at this event. 

Come along and enjoy culmination of the group’s creative endeavours – see and hear how the arts can promote a revolution of change in everyone.   

Carstairs Junction Community Hall
1 St Charles Avenue
Carstairs Junction ML11 8PQ
Accessible venue