Members of Jean’s Bothy have responded to this year’s theme of ‘revolution’. Join us to see and hear how we can future proof all of our mental health.

Jean’s Bothy is a mental health and wellbeing hub based in Helensburgh. Our programme of groups to improve our mental health and wellbeing has a strong connection to arts based activities.

Responding to this year’s theme of ‘revolution’, members have created images and written pieces and songs to be showcased at this event.

The Wellbeing through Writing group are creating a book with songs, poetry, stories and speeches, with accompanying artwork. These will be on display and available to buy on the night. The photography group are creating a digital display, painting groups are working on their own images and there will be performances too.

The exhibition explores inner revolution, inequalities, protection of green spaces and the impact on our mental health of the cost of living crisis.

See Us Hear Us Exhibition Poster

Submarine Centre
West King Street
Helensburgh G84 8UN
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