A preview of this innovative and urgent documentary about a man’s quest to transform his life after a legacy of trauma and addiction, featuring a post-screening discussion with director Melanie Manchot, cast member Anthony Woolley and Glasgow-based gambling harm campaigner Martin Paterson.

Stephen is auditioning to play himself in an inventive, cinematic and moving exploration of addiction and mental health.

Visual artist Melanie Manchot works with a recovery group in Liverpool, who take up roles in a semi-fictional film-within-a-film that explores addiction and mental health from multiple perspectives. It is centred around Stephen Giddings, a character recovering from gambling and alcohol addictions.

References to the first police crime reconstruction, filmed in Liverpool in 1901, are a reminder that addiction has long existed within the fabric of our culture. It’s a tough process and emotionally charged scenes reveal inner truths, which gain additional power when the people playing the roles are, in some sense, playing themselves.

Visually striking, Stephen, is a startling record of this form of treatment and a reminder of how dextrous the documentary form can be.

Glasgow Film Theatre
12 Rose St
Glasgow G3 6RB
Accessible venue
18+ Contains themes of addiction and suicidal thoughts.
£10.90 / £7.90