Join SAY Women, the Village Storytelling Centre and Dr Nic Dickson for the launch of a new Public Information Comic created with young women who are survivors of sexual abuse and recent homelessness. The comic details the many impacts mental health stigma can have on survivors’ behaviours and actions.

This participatory arts project involved the co-creation of imagery and stories with service users, staff and board members of SAY Women, a charity which supports young women who are survivors of sexual abuse and who are at threat of homelessness.

Nic, an arts-based researcher and visual artist, and Shona Cowie from the Village Storytelling Centre, worked with the charity to develop the themes of the comic, explore the character portrayals and co-create the imagery, ensuring the authentic voices of the young women are represented in this collection.

The Comic will be used to promote the work of SAY Women and communicate to stakeholders and future service users the ways in which mental health stigma can affect those who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse.

This event takes place in Room 101 in the Clarice Pears Building at the School of Health & Wellbeing at the University of Glasgow.

Surviving Stigma comic launch flyer.

Clarice Pears Building, School of Health & Wellbeing, University of Glasgow
90 Byres Road
Glasgow G12 8TB