Join us for a screening of this debut drama from the award-winning filmmaker Etienne Kubwabo at Flourish House, featuring a Q&A with the director and cast.

Alex Watson is a young black man, raised in the secluded Highlands of Scotland by two white adoptive parents. When Alex leaves his protective bubble behind to attend university in Glasgow, he moves in with siblings Michael and Laura. As the trio grow closer, their pasts and prejudices threaten their new relationship and Alex must learn what being black in the modern world truly means.

About the Filmmaker

Etienne Kubwabo is a filmmaker and creator of comic book Beats of War, featuring Scotland’s first Black superhero. Etienne’s work is inspired by his own experiences of coming to Scotland as a refugee and looks at the barriers faced by people who immigrate to a new country.

About Flourish House

Flourish House is a mental health charity, based on the Clubhouse model. They support people with severe mental illnesses to gain a sense of wellbeing and recovery. Members achieve social, financial and vocational goals and become active in their community. Noting the link between mental and physical health, they also provide wellbeing programmes that improve and promote physical health and self-management.

6:30 – 9:00pm (Doors: 6:15pm)
Flourish House
23-25 Ashley Street
Glasgow G3 6DR
This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Etienne Kubwabo and cast members from the film. Refreshments will also be provided.
18+ Contains drug use, violence, strong language and racism.
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