Speaking truth to power, this exhibition from the Not Alone Collective is a visually striking culmination of lived-experience, research and collective empowerment. 

The exhibition will explore how the mental health industry has been (and in many cases continues to be) used as a tool to maintain societal norms, rather than challenge the status quo so that everyone can lead healthy, meaningful and fulfilled lives. Social inequalities and poverty have been repeatedly demonstrated as barriers to wellbeing, but now the Collective is shining a much-needed spotlight on the traditional power dynamics, dogmas and stigmas still prevalent in mental health services, therapies and academia.  

The Not Alone Collective has been brewing a revolution by sharing stories and co-producing a non-hierarchical, trauma-informed, AI supported, neurodiversity and disability inclusive, art activism peership in North Lanarkshire. Tackling the themes of dogma, oppression, ableism and stigma.  

They hope this exhibition of mixed-media visual arts pieces and accompanying stories will sow seeds in the minds of viewers, taking root and growing branches of revolutionary change for systems, society and individuals. 

Contribute to the Collective’s zine, take part in their live research, access advocacy advice and resources at www.notalone.uk.

Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life
Heritage Way
Coatbridge ML5 1QD
Fully accessible venue
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