Celebrate the contributions of female family carers from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities to the nature photography project, ‘Art is Everywhere’, and e-book, ‘We Care’.  

Responding to the theme ‘Revolution’, the purpose of this project has been to explore different ways that voices can be heard and come into conversation.  

Working with multidisciplinary artist Hamshya Rajkumar, carers were supported to open the conversation about trauma and mental health.  

Carers from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds experience ongoing stigma, including in their own communities, and face a wide range of barriers in accessing mental health services. The project will continue to engage creatively with carers to explore how art can be used to express feelings, open dialogue and promote change.  

Find out more about the project at culturenl.co.uk/arts/arts-news/we-care.  

Bellshill Cultural Centre
John St
Bellshill ML4 1RJ