An experienced tutor will teach participants a variety of fun-filled dance exercises from different cultures over three weekly classes.  

Teaching dances from different cultures can encourage empathy for people who are not like ourselves. Dance can provide insight into the struggles, celebrations and everyday lives of a group of people. When we physically embody the everyday experience of someone, it can be easier to understand that person and maybe even relate to them. Dance can help to raise awareness about important mental health issues while bringing a community together.   

There are many good reasons to learn to dance – it’s an instant mood booster, it improves our self-esteem and confidence, it allows us to easily express ourselves and it connects us with other people. So why not sign up for these free classes?  

3 October 2023-24 October 2023
Hamilton Town House
102 Cadzow Street
Hamilton ML3 6HH

01698 452299