70 Stories

#1 The Imagined We

For the first entry in our 70 Stories collection, poet Jenny Lindsay, a regular participant in SMHAF since 2015, shares a new film poem.

The Imagined We is about “the double-edged sword of being a woman performer/poet and the impact that can have when you’re expected to write and perform from trauma”.

The Imagined We is part of Jenny’s new multi-media project This Script, which also includes a book of poetry and a stage show which is currently touring. Find out more at www.jennylindsay.com.

70 Stories is an online project curated by the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival to mark the 70th anniversary of the Mental Health Foundation. The project connects stories from our Writing Competition, stories from SMHAF participants, and more in a compelling portrait of mental health in 2019.

Keep an eye on mhfestival.com/70stories for new entries in the series. If you are connected in some way to SMHAF or the Mental Health Foundation and would like to contribute a piece of writing to this project, please contact aeaton-lewis@mentalhealth.org.uk.