Bibo & Brian Keeley: Aware

Aware is a short performance-based moving image work by artist duo Bibo & Brian Keeley which explores themes of presence and absence, as well as belonging and exclusion.

Drawing parallels between the fragility of life through personal experience and wider environmental and ecological contexts, the film reflects on the artists’ disorientation at a time when gatherings are being re-normalised in ways they feel excluded from.

About the Artists

Bibo and Brian Keeley make work rooted in the shared experiences of Brian’s critical illness and heart transplant in 2013, and the impact this continues to have on their lives. They said:

“Brian’s vital medications suppress the immune system to prevent organ rejection. But this leaves the body vulnerable to infections which for most people may be insignificant but for him could lead to life-threatening complications. This became more acute during the Covid-19 pandemic and was further increased after the introduction of vaccines because the powerful immuno-suppressing medications also inhibit the efficacy of the vaccines. So, with potentially little or no protection from Covid-19, despite having four vaccination doses, there is no end in sight for those who are immuno-compromised. To avoid putting Brian at risk, both of us continue to observe very strict Covid-19 safety measures which increases our sense of marginalisation and isolation.”