Amy Rosa

Shadow Places – Four

For this commission, Amy has created a series of photographic self-portraits titled Shadow Places and accompanying creative writing/spoken text about living with complex post traumatic stress disorder.

Image Description

Landscape oriented photo. A colour saturated photo showing a low and wide stone opening to an old mine with a wall of deep and bright green moss and ferns above. There are some pink and yellow flowers resting on the moss and some dead branches to the left of the image. The cave looks dark, and there is a figure laying at the entrance. They are white with red hair and they are wearing a green dress. They have a hand resting under their head and the other reaching to the side, touching the ground with fingertips. A wooden walking stick with a brass handle is just visible next to the figure. Their feet are dropping towards the dark mouth of the mine, as if they have just emerged and have taken rest.

Spoken Text

Since there is reality to deal with
I have become
Accidentally frozen
Thirsty skin waiting
Brief sparks of lucidity
Craving fallow spaces
No faces
I have become so still I find myself dispersing
Either silence or a scream
Slipping back and forth in the vast landscapes that govern
An unrelenting dream