Amy Rosa

Shadow Places – Two

For this commission, Amy has created a series of photographic self-portraits titled Shadow Places and accompanying creative writing/spoken text about living with complex post traumatic stress disorder.

Image Description

A nearly square photo showing an old round crumbling stone tower on the edge of a cliff made of red, grey and blond stone. There are two arches forming a window through to the grey skies the tower is surrounded by. In the foreground of the photo is an uneven rocky outcrop with patches of short grass and to the right of the photo the sea is just apparent (there is mist). In the furthest archway a nearly silhouetted figure in a long floating skirt is standing facing the camera, with their right arm stretched to the side with palm slightly raised (as if for balance), and left arm holding a walking stick. There is a sombre and quiet feeling to the image.

Spoken Text

I am made of water and salt
Forelines, carved in restless sleep

I am made of strange and awkward atoms
Swayed by heavenly currents
Dark matter surrounding and filling
Between my spaces

I am made of mist
A breath held high

You place us in these attics, these towers
Wanting our unruly mouths quiet

We are closer to knowing than you