Rebecca Tantony

Rebecca Tantony

Rebecca Tantony has written a sequence of short poems and stories reflecting on how, as she puts it, “isolation is a narrative in my family history that has spanned generations”.

Rebecca Tantony is a writer and facilitator whose work has taken her to Turkey, India, America, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Italy. 

Rebecca says: “I’ve merged surrealism/make-believe and factual/reality, as the whole experience of the pandemic and its repercussions has felt like that. Some weird alternate reality and stark ordinary reality combining. There is a thread throughout of facing the self and discovering my own version of isolation by going through that process of enquiry and examination. I have presented it as four monthly updates of musings and thoughts, with a trajectory towards insight and togetherness (hopefully) becoming stronger and more apparent as we go along.”

Please read the PDF below or visit this link for an accessible and mobile friendly version

 A Recipe for Solo Isolation