Bonnie Macrae

Bonnie MacRae: Answer Machine

Answer Machine is a short documentary by Bonnie MacRae, created using the voices of people living with endometriosis who feel completely ignored.

Bonnie is a writer and director from Dundee who makes films exploring people’s mental health stories. For My Normality, Bonnie has created Answer Machine, a short documentary highlighting the mental reality of endometriosis, sound-tracked by voicemail recordings from women living with the condition.

Bonnie says: “The My Normality commission allowed me to explore just how normal it is for women living with the condition to feel constantly dismissed, shining a light on those having to fight for their pain believed, for those having to justify themselves before being offered appropriate help. The idea behind the short documentary is that these women are calling, but no one is picking up.

“Women from all over the UK submitted audio recordings detailing every aspect of their endometriosis experience, I’d like to thank everyone for being so open and willing to chat. The most striking thing for me was that none of these women knew of each other yet despite variances in location, age, diagnosis times etc, they all submitted recordings saying very similar things.

“I hope this commission has given a platform to those living with the condition and amplifies their voices that often go unheard. Thank you to SMHAF for allowing me the opportunity to do so and to everyone who watches and listens to what these women have to say.

“In creating this piece, I worked closely with Liverpool-based animator Hannah Thomas who designed visuals to go alongside the audio submissions.”

The charity Endometriosis UK provides help and support to those who may need it. Visit their website at