Jack Webb

Jack Webb: Like Stone

Like Stone is a new dance film by Jack Webb which portrays the normality of ‘a live lived in soft focus’.

Like Stone is a new dance film by Jack Webb, a dancer and choreographer who was worked and performed internationally with various companies and choreographers.

Jack says: ‘Exploring the concept of My Normality, Like Stone follows a life lived in soft focus. The space, the distance, the isolation, this is my chance, my normal, to live on in the in between and to resist the pull of going backwards, forwards, to make a return, to reaffirm. A life lived in soft focus is still a life. Regardless of it all, I bide my time, like stone.

‘Challenging, stimulating and a pleasure to make, the process of creating Like Stone has been one of simplifying and distillation of ideas, images and movement. It has been a fantastic opportunity to think gently and slowly about how to communicate just enough to the viewer whilst leaving space for their own experience to exist within the film. It has given me a renewed belief in patience, waiting and trust in the power of stillness, space and simplicity in times of chaos.’

The film contains flashing imagery.

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