Revolution is the theme for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2023. In the midst of turbulent political and economic times – we wanted to address the impact of economic barriers and social inequality on mental health, and ask ‘how can we do things differently?’.

We commissioned five artists to create new work addressing the theme of ‘revolution’.  We were particularly looking for projects that posed a challenge to established ways of thinking.

The commissioned artists are:

  • Bircan Birol
  • Jamie Bolland
  • Jen McGregor
  • Keira McLean and Joey Simons
  • Lilith (Lea) Cooper

Their projects agitate for revolutionary approaches to mental healthcare, document real and imagined struggles around mental health, and ask what it might mean to build a revolution around communal self-care.

Find out more about their proposals here. The work will be published online during the festival from 4-22 October 2023.

Explore the artworks

Multimedia montage
Visual Arts

The Flood and the Fire

Artists and community educators Keira McLean and Joey Simons have created a revolutionary mixed-media montage and a pedagogical workbook.
Four women posing on colourful chairs looking into the camera.

we depend on each other

Four immigrant women discuss the mental health challenges they faced after arriving in Scotland in this short documentary by Bircan Birol.
Jamie Bolland performing electronic music in his Mercurochrome costume including a tin foil headpiece

Untinned Animal

Jamie Bolland was commissioned to develop a processional performance and a series of downloadable pamphlets inspired by our ‘revolution’ theme.