Because of my own family history, I’ve long been interested in miner’s and union banners.

When I was discharged from hospital I was told I couldn’t come back to the ward as a visitor for 6 months. What of the friends and comrades who remained there? What of the friends, family and comrades who might be admitted in that 6 month period? Rhizomes grow underneath the forest floor, invisible above ground but connecting trees, plants and fungi.

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An Archive of Propaganda from a Mad People’s Uprising

This artwork is part of Lilith (Lea) Cooper’s imagined fictional archive of downloadable posters from The Mad People’s Uprising of 2033, commissioned for SMHAF 2023.

It asks what a Mad revolution might look like, creating a space to imagine beyond the present day, and locating today’s Mad, survivor and mental health activism in a longer genealogy.