we depend on each other

Bircan Birol

Bircan Birol is a documentary filmmaker who explores intergenerational connections, community relationships, and often-overlooked personal stories in her films. we depend on each other is a collaborative project with co-directors Bircan, Zozan, Lydia and Virginie.

This short documentary unfolds at a unique tea party. Four immigrant women discuss the challenges they faced after arriving in Scotland and the misunderstandings by the mental health system regarding their PTSD and related depression.

The film uses 3D scans of the women and their belongings to visually show parts of their journeys. These pieces, seen and spoken, come together to show healing as a shared journey. The story of a strong sisterhood finding comfort, laughter, and hope emerges.

This documentary is not only personal but also has a touch of humour. It shakes up the usual narrative about immigration and mental health, making it more relatable and personal while adding a lighter, more accessible angle.

It’s a truly collaborative and participatory project. We need more empowering and self-represented stories like this. I want this film to reach those who can find their voice in such stories, and also help others understand better.

Bircan Birol

Revolution Commissions

This project is one of our ‘revolution’ commissions for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2023. We commissioned five artists to create new work to address our festival theme and challenge established ways of thinking about mental health.