The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival’s Talking Heads project brings together a team of volunteer reporters to create written articles and multimedia content during the festival and our year-round events programme.

Written submissions range from arts reviews and interviews to in-depth features on the festival’s themes and personal experiences with mental health issues. We also accept audio and video submissions, photographs and other creative responses to festival events.

Each submission is published on our website and shared through our social media channels and network of partners, as well as with the artists and organisations involved. We encourage reporters to be honest in their writing and draw on their personal experiences, so the articles produced should not be taken to reflect the views of the festival.

The project has been running since 2012 and is now established as an important part of the festival. It enables us to promote events and present new perspectives on mental health, while giving reporters the opportunity to get involved in a range of festival events, gain experience in writing, interviewing and media production, and share their views and experiences with a wide audience.


The Talking Heads project is open to candidates with lived experience of mental health issues and attracts a diverse range of applicants from throughout Scotland. We would like to thank all our volunteers for their hard work and share some examples of their work: 

The 2019 Talking Heads project is run in partnership with See Me.



We welcome interest from people looking to volunteer for the Talking Heads project. It is open to people from all backgrounds from across Scotland and we are able to reimburse all agreed travel expenses, as well as provide complimentary tickets for events.

If you would like to find out more about opportunities to get involved, email