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Writing Awards 2014

The theme for SMHAF 2014 was Power. Read the shortlisted entries from our writing competition, collected in this ebook illustrated by Laura Donnelly.

These pieces were selected from over 130 entries to the inaugaral SMHAF Writing Awards, held in partnership with Bipolar Scotland, by a judging panel including Dr Elizabeth Reeder and representatives from the Mental Health Foundation and Bipolar Scotland. The ceremony was hosted at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. 

Power eBook

Click here or on the image below to read the eBook in PDF format.

Shortlisted Entries

Let Go by Aileen Paterson

Crowning Glory by Kris Holt

Let’s Play Superheroes by Fiona Stirling

The ECT Experience by Kerry MacIver

The Clinic by Greta McGough

Legacy by Laura-Jo Gartside

Blossom by Anaïs Durand

Tug of War by Veronique Kootstra

Just Talking – Letter to My Psychotherapist by Hazel Christie

White Coats by Joanna McFarlane