Writing Awards 2018

The theme for the competition was Beginnings and the beautiful, moving and inspiring pieces include short stories, poetry, a letter and a diary entry.

The theme for SMHAF 2018 was Beginnings. Read the shortlisted entries from our writing competition, collected in this eBook illustrated by ilka.

Beginnings eBook 

Read the eBook below or click here to download it as a PDF.

Winning Entries

1st: How Beginnings End by Louise Wilson

2nd: Wan Day Tae Day Wan by Brian Reid

3rd: This Was the Beginning by Holly Tengrouse

Shortlisted Entries

This is the Beginning by Lorna Wallace

Whisky Stained Words by Amanda Louise Allan

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Ana Hine

Split: The Beginning of My Bipolar Diagnosis by Ali Blatcher

Today. Who Knows by Stella Hervey Birrell

Monday by Celia Donavon

Apples & Oranges by Rebecca Monks