Writing Awards 2019

The theme for SMHAF 2019 was Connected. Read the shortlisted entries from our writing competition, collected in this eBook illustrated by Josie Vallely.

The theme for the SMHAF Writing Awards 2019, held in partnership with Bipolar Scotland, was Connected. The ceremony was hosted at St George’s Tron Church in Glasgow by bestselling author Ian Rankin, with music by Emma Pollock.

There were over 200 entries to the competition, a significant increase on previous years. The 12 winning entries have been collected in this eBook, as well as a set of printed materials, designed by artist Josie Vallely. 

Connected eBook

Click here or on the image below to read the eBook. The shortlisted entries from 2019 can also be found in our 70 Stories collection on our website. 

Winning Entries

1st Place: Outside In, by Shirley Gillan

2nd Place: Message in a Bottle, by Eilidh Clark

3rd Place: Twenty Five, Vanilla Milkshake, by Benny Allen

Shortlisted Entries

Fragments, by Shirley Gillan

In Sync, by Alyson Lawson

Still Hingin Oan by Brian Reid

Under Pressure, by Laura Barbour

Affirmations by William Sutton

Shoormal, by Aileen Paterson

The Keeper of the Keys, by Ewan Gault

I’m Doing My Best, by Cathie Devitt

Alarm, by Hannah Retallick