Organisations are invited to get involved with the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, supporting us to engage local communities in all areas of Scotland.

The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival is a platform for everyone to create and share art inspired by mental health, engaging audiences and participants in regions across Scotland.

The festival is supported by hundreds of organisations, including health organisations, local authorities, arts organisations, charities and community groups. We encourage organisations and groups to get involved in our planning network, helping to shape the direction of the festival and develop events and activity in your local area.

The festival offers an opportunity to get involved in a national festival programme and be part of an important dialogue on mental health and the arts. Events that organisations can contribute include exhibitions, creative workshops, theatre shows, live music, film screenings, discussion events and more – anything that uses the arts or creativity to engage people in issues relating to mental health.

The festival is also supported by regional partners, which support and coordinate regional programmes. We welcome interest from organisations who would be interested in using their networks and resources to support local arts and mental health activity, helping the festival reach people in new areas of Scotland.