A Letter to My Younger Self is a poem by Jen Henderson, produced through the writing group at Leverndale Hospital's Recreational Therapy Department. Work by the writing group is exhibited at SMHAF annually, forming part of a wider exhibition to celebrate the creative work that goes on in the hospital throughout the year. 

Hi there.

I know things haven't been going so well
you fell
and don't know how to get back up.

your cup
not half empty, but half full,
of poison you want to drink.

but don't sink
- don't fall down that rabbit hole.
I know he stole
something from you
and you don't have a clue
how to fix it
that you don't fit
in with your friends
and just want it to end.

now is the time to tell
how and where you fell.
this is not for you alone
a stone
lodged in your chest.

I know you're trying your best
and you are good enough
it's just tough.

And I understand that you're scared
to bare
you'll stumble and fall
again, ashamed
but you're not to be blamed.

and I know you won't believe me,
but trust me
talking is best
and you won't have confessed
to something awful
cos it was unlawful
what was done
you were just the unlucky one
it happened to

- it wasn't about you.

so whisper, talk, shout
but get it out.