Jordy Deelight is an Edinburgh-based artist who creates autobiographical work professionally for theatre and television. During the 2020 lockdown Jordy began taking two courses of medication – one for cystic fibrosis, one for depression – that had transformative effects on their life.

Two in the Morning, One at Night is 25-minute film in which Jordy uses the visual art of drag make up with pill capsules, prescriptions and medical utensils, and a script that looks at the transformative ways in which kaftrio changed their cystic fibrosis physically and mirtazapine helped them deal with their mental health and work through their past trauma with online therapy.

The film features two voice over actors, Raelene Goody & Mandy Rayner. Mandy Rayner is a Glasgow based creative, activist and stand-up comedian, who has worked with the Empowered Woman Project, TEDx, BBC and much more, focusing her work on mental health recovery, intersectional feminism and the decriminalisation of sex workers. Raelene Goody is an actress and singer based in Gatwick, England, who has worked in film and theatre, as well as an advocate for Cystic Fibrosis and mental health.

The film explores trauma and suicide. If you are affected by any of the issues explored, you can call the Cystic Fibrosis Trust on 0300 373 1000 or the Samaritans on 116 113.

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