Photographer and writer Nikki Kilburn is interested in exploring “how identity and lived experience creates complex realities”. For My Normality, Nikki has created a collection of “five empowered portraits of womxn of colour with a lived experience of racialised trauma” accompanied by an audio narrative of their voices telling their stories, in order to show “how the lived experience of racialised trauma creates othering and stigma”.

Nikki Kilburn said: “Our Voices expresses the strength and connection between us as Womxn of Colour, the sorrow and joy of experience. We share our lived experience to erase the racism in the behavioural language code of race co-opted by the system of white supremacy. A disarmament; to annihilate the construct of racism. When we express ourselves through equity and authenticity experience transcends oppressive occupation, subverting constructs and meaning into new forms. We experience transformation. The pain of oppression is reborn, raising awareness and bringing about change. Each code shift towards liberation contributes to the community of consciousness committed to justice and equality. Our healing. Our Power.

"Thank you Shondra, Cynthia, Rubistania and Julia for creating these portraits with me and sharing your stories. Thanks to allies Steve Reid for the use of his photography studio and Chris Greive for the music production."

Audio Contributions: Shondra Riley, Rubistania Ferrier, Julia Sutton and Cynthia Gentle shared their lived experience. Poetry, lyrics, arrangement production by Nikki Kilburn. Julia Sutton and Cynthia Gentle on vocals. 



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