Iona Roberts is a visual artist who describes her work as “a pilgrim, a pathway for me to reach and find my way home”, and who has spent lockdown “responding to the local landscape, journaling and drawing my dreams and memories, exploring further my inner landscape as well as the external world”. Iona has created a new series of mixed media drawings as a “a cathartic map of my inner world”.

Iona said: “Who is to say what is normal given that we are all different? As a highly sensitive person, I experience the world around me and emotions intensively which can, often unintentionally, be invalidated by others around me. I have found through the pandemic that my art has been an emotional escape and has given me the headspace to express difficult emotions and experiences. My Normality has been an amazing opportunity, giving me support to work cathartically and build a series of drawings exploring my dreams and memories about trying to find somewhere as well as the opera Bluebeard’s Castle by Bartok. A selection of these works will be exhibited at the Compass Gallery where I am soon to have a solo show, as well as the Kilmorack Gallery.”

Find out more about Iona Roberts on her website or follow her on Instagram @robertsiona.

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