Reclaiming Our Heritage Podcast

Reclaiming Our Heritage is a Mental Health Foundation podcast hosted by Halina Rifai. Each episode explores themes that have come out of spoken testimonies from the Reclaiming Our Heritage archive, and these are further discussed by a professional guest. 

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Explore the series and listen to each episode below. 

Episode One: How Has Therapy Changed Over Time?

Guest Cheryl McGeachan discusses the theme, with testimonies from Isabel, Fiona and Gerry.

Episode Two: What is Innovation in Mental Health Arts Projects?

Guest Emma Jayne Park discusses the theme, with testimonies from John, Fiona and Andrew.

Episode Three: The Impact of Art on Mental Health

Art therapist Andrea Spink discusses the theme, with testimonies from Donna, John and Alina. 

Episode Four: Mental Health Over Generations

Guest Sean McCann discusses the theme, with testimonies from Hugh, Dougie and Chris. 

Episode Five: How Stigmas Have Evolved Over Time

Guest Wendy Halliday discusses the theme, with testimonies from Rachel, Mahmud and Ruth.


Guest David Cutler discusses the theme, with testimonies from Brian, Anne and Keith.

Zine Archive

Curator and playworker Anna Tudos and community artist and trainee art psychotherapist Henri Eagle-Wilsher (Roundabout Collective) worked with us to deliver eight zine-making workshops for community groups across Scotland as part of the Reclaiming Our Heritage project. 

Participants had an opportunity to listen to a curated selection of audio clips from the oral history archive, then worked with printed quotes and collage materials to create their zines. This offered a creative way to respond to the stories in the archive and represent their own experiences with mental health and the arts. 

Thank you to participants connected with Artlink Central, CAPS Independent Advocacy, Moray Wellbeing Hub, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, North Ayrshire Wellbeing & Recovery College, See Me and VOX Scotland, as well as members of the public, who have contributed their zines to the archive. 

Explore their work below.

Zine-Making Workshop Guide

This guide has been produced to allow you to create your own zines based on the stories in the archive or deliver the activity in a group setting. 

The one-page poster below provides a quick overview of how you can get involved. You can also download this guide, which is aimed at facilitators who would like to deliver the activity for groups they are working with. 

Zine-making is a creative and accessible way to explore the archive, using just a phone or laptop with a speaker and collage materials you have to hand.  

ROH ZineMaking Workshop Poster1024 1